2008-12-06 Boat parade

  Wasn't really a lazy day, but felt cool that way. Took the tandem into town to meet up with our team for our volunteering for COTS/The Family Connection, got a tile blade for the angle grinder so that we can cut one of our counters out so we can stash the roll-away dishwasher we scarfed off of Craigslist in a decent place ('til we've got the energy to rebuild that counter, redoing plumbing and electrical for that side of the kitchen in the process), went and got some insoles for Charlene, including a wonderfully entertaining high end sales job, hit Woodcraft in Santa Rosa for some more Dominos and a pair of nice pull saws, got trim for finishing the hall closets up, went and watched the boat parade, and ate dinner at Flipper's.

The boat parade was kinda cool in a "hey, we live in a small town with lots of heart" sort of way, dinner service was great, price was amazingly low, food was simple. Browsed Haus Fortuna, got some cool cards, came home, picked the green tomatoes 'cause it's kinda cool tonight, so we'll be doing green tomato relish, and wrote this.

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