2008-10-15 Cabinets and construction

I've been working on finishing the pantry shelves, but on Sunday the prediction was "windy", so Charlene said "we should just knock out the cedar linings for my closet, and, by the way, we should split that closet so that half of it opens into the hall". So we started that process.

Yesterday I managed to put the last coat on the pantry shelves, and we continued with the closet.

  The box for the split out portion of the hallway closet. Yes, we'll have full wallboard separation between the hall closet and the bedroom closet for fire protection.   The inside of Charlene's closet, before the shelves and baseboards. The trim is birch, the rod is maple.   Because of wiring considerations, we put inch and a half spacers in so that we could continue to use the plug for the stove. At least until we pull the permit to re-do the wiring. The hole in the wall is where the ironing station used to be.   And, the pantry in place. That big gaping maw under the right side is going to get drawers to hold the , and the divided sections are going to get shallow drawers.   The two cabinets are built as separate frames, and the joining face piece is held in with pins and cams, with Dominos to help in the alignment   and, yes, of course the grain is matched across the trim pieces

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