2008-09-21 Door threshold and cabinetry

      The gap underneath the door finally got to the point where I milled a new threshold out of Ipe and installed it. Lessons learned:

  1. Despite how hard and dense it is, Ipe actually mills fairly easily.
  • The sawdust stinks, spreads a green (despite the nice color of the wood) dust over everything, and hangs in the air. Definitely open the shop doors and use a respirator.
    1. No matter how nicely you prep your work area, if you do finishing outside it's guaranteed that as soon as you get that first coat of oil on there the wind will come up and blow dust over everything.

    Also got the cabinet to the left of the stove in place, the rest of the drawer slide evaluation done, and much of the wood glued up for the pantry shelves.

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