2008-08-30 Kitchen counter progress

  cutting a jointable edge on the countertop, a saw-kerf wide This weekend's goal is getting the cabinet beside the stove to at least have a usable counter-top. We picked up a beaten up 10'x2' glued up piece of maple countertop off of Craigslist for $50, and that's becoming the surface for beside the fridge, and the narrow counter for under the window, with a backsplash cut from the scraps. Today I took a deep breath and cut the first pieces.

  filling the gaps with cyanoacrylate I sanded the main area to 320, although there'll have to be a little touch-up because the surface wasn't as clean as it should have been when I turned over this whole thing for the glue-up. There are a few issues with splitting in this top, so I filled the gap with cyanoacrylate as I was sanding. The Festool ETS 150/5 EQ Sander is not the best sander to be doing this with, I should have gotten the noisy shakey Craftsman out for this, because even with the vacuum unplugged on the Festool it still didn't leave a whole lot of sawdust lying around, but we seem to have gotten a fairly smooth surface out off the process.

  A test layout, to make sure that I had the various parts pointing the right direction.

  And the glue-up, done one side at a time because in the heat and lack of humidity we had today, that glue is going solid fast. The edges are held on with floating tenons cut with the Domino, I'm going to have to do a little clean-up with the hand plane before I get the back and partial front pieces on.

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