2008-08-25 Cabinet door prototypes

  Mockup of the cabinet doors, with the doors closed   Mockup of the cabinet doors with one door open I slapped together a plywood carcass for testing some ideas with appliance lifts, and thought it'd be a good idea to slap the cabinet doors on them to make sure I understand how the hinges work, and what the doors will look like closed.

Obviously cheap exterior grade plywood isn't the best thing in the world to be demoing the doors on, and they're not finished, they've just had a light coat of shellac to seal the grain, though the darker doors also has a layer of pore filler on the mahogany that I'm experimenting with, but this is a first pass at what we expect the kitchen cabinet doors to look like when paired up, maple frames with mahogany panels. Category: Dan Lyke life Category: Woodworking Category: 10 Mission Category: 10 Mission Kitchen Cabinets