2008-08-19 First canning

Last time we came back from the central valley we brought a box each of seconds of peaches and nectarines home from the packing house. We froze a bunch, and did a load through the dehydrator, and last night I did a whole bunch of jams, along with a hot pepper jelly from some of the peppers in the back yard.

I'm still learning how to work with the low methoxyl (LM) pectin, I had trouble getting it to dissolve right for the peach jam, which I haven't sampled yet, but the pepper jelly is slightly grainy. And because of my struggles with the pectin, and because of questions and distractions in the kitchen, I ended up with too much liquid and no lime juice in the jam.

Oh yeah: Doctor's visit for the shoulder today. Basically "Don't do anything that hurts" and a new different sling that's easier to get on and off, but that also holds my arm more securely.

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