2008-07-30 Pain

Yesterday evening I was feeling fuzzy, so I went over to the skate park to thrash for a little. Was seriously sluggish coming up out of the bowl, flailing all over the place, I figured I was still lagged from lack of sleep on Sunday night and Monday morning, and I just stayed on the smaller edges. Pulled a 180° or two off the edges, then missed one and went down hard. Hit my helmet hard. Body went into shock, shoulder hurt like hell, so I went and sat for a while, then gave up and went home.

This morning I called the Kaiser ask-a-nurse, and rather than give me an appointment they said "hie thee to an emergency room". I didn't want to blow off the day, so I was actually rather happy to not have the constraint of a daytime appointment. Charlene drove me down there this evening, where the doctor told me that I had an ACJ (Acromioclavicular Joint) separation, not a break, but that shoulder will be delicate for a month and a half or so. Then we got X-rays to confirm.

Training's gonna suck for a while, may have to do one-armed push-ups, definitely need to do something to keep the cardio in place.

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