2008-07-06 Miwok Beach

There was a relatively late (8:13 at Point Reyes) minus tide this morning, so Charlene and I drove out to Miwok Beach, just north of Bodega Bay, to go explore the tidepools during the slack.

  One of several beautiful sea slugs, apparently Hermissenda Crassicornis, that we saw, partially obscured by seaweed   The same Hermissenda Crassicornis out of the seaweed   anemone, open   A whole bunch of anemone, closed   Starfish, seaweed and the sea beyond   another cutie, not sure what this little guy is   one of many lurking crabs   looking back in towards the cliffs, with cool differences in seaweed color   this cute little snail-ish creature on the rocks

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