2008-05-13 Limestone outdoor table

      A while back we were browsing garage sales and stumbled across this neat piece of limestone. Careful inspection shows a couple of fossils buried in that pattern, and we’ve always thought that this would make a really cool outdoor table. We’d set it on a wrought iron stand to make sort of a makeshift table, but we were always concerned about unbalancing it.

Recently we ended up with a bunch of scrap fir ends from the bowling alley work table and I decided to take an hour or two to slap something together. The only challenge here was cutting the taper on those 4×6s, 'cause I didn’t have the patience to wait for the jigsaw to cut that far, and my circular saw only goes 2" deep, so I had to cut in from each side and match up the results, which worked a lot better than I’d planned.

Presented here not as a work of art, but as a serving suggestion for people who might end up with some extra counter tops and some construction scraps. Finish is Penofin hardwood formulation, ‘cause I’ve got a gallon of it bought for our front door project.

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