2008-04-26 ButterAndEggs

  This weekend is "Butter and Egg Days" here in Petaluma, an annual celebration of the town. Charlene's been called out of town on an emergency, but I was here and promised to go to the cow pie throwing competition. Phil and I went to the Lion's club breakfast early, hung out for a bit, and then I took some pictures:

  Petaluma's mayor, slinging the BS   projectiles often went awry, but were played where they fell   Styles varied, this was John from the local NBC TV channel 11

I wanted to get back home to do various projects around the house (more on that later), but on the way walked down 4th street. They were lined up from mid-way between C and D, clear to I, along 4th and it looked like 5th as well. And there were people harnessing up horses even further out.

            This close to SF you wouldn't think we're rural enough to have tractor enthusiasts, but we do.     This was out on sixth, I think, between I and Mountain View.

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