2008-04-17 Making Baseboards

  Yesterday I ripped the boards down to 4" wide, the widest I felt that I could reasonably get out of the lumber, and started to mill it into shape. Charlene and I ran it through the planer to take a whisker off and bring it down to 5/8", cut a 3/8" diameter quarter round on the top in two passes, the first left to right to take off most of the stock, the final cut was a climb cut so I could end up with a smoother surface.

Then we started sanding, 320 grit with the sander running as slow as possible, so that we don't end up putting flat spots on the curve. This evening I hope we can finish sanding and lay on a super thin coat of shellac, and then I need to find a good quartz based pore filler that we can color match and use to smooth the surface before we put the final finish on it.

Probably should start cutting it to size soon, though, because I'm fairly sure we'll be tweaking the fit a bit with sandpaper as it goes in.

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