2008-04-16 Reclaiming Mahogany

    Ow, do my hands hurt, both from all the splinters and cuts, and from gripping the pliers to pull those nails.

There are a few nails in there yet, so I'm going to have to be very careful as I fire up the router, but left to be done is to select some of the thicker boards from the narrow stacks, cut them to 4" wide, plane them to 5/8" (just a hair), put a roundover on one side, and install them.

We'll probably have to cut a few small rabbets, a few sections of the floor were repaired when it was refinished and the new wall gap isn't as consistently 5/8" as it was, and I'll set up a jig on the router table to cut the butt joint profiles for the inside corners. Outside corners will be miters.

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