2008-02-12 Visit From Dad

Right before we left on Friday night to go over to Napa to visit with my Dad, who was in town for a conference, we noticed an ad for a bunch of mahogany box beams on Craigslist. We called the seller, who said "11:00 tomorrow". Not wanting to miss out, we put off picking up my Dad for an hour or so and went and saw some gorgeous mahogany work in the house of a man who's got some absolutely spectacular woodworking. We got a load of beams, as much as the $280 we could get from the ATM would buy us, and went and picked up my Dad.

Hanging out with him was great. We relate best when doing stuff, so we installed the flexible fittings on the hot water heater and caught up on the progress of his move and had a good discussion and hang out.

Yesterday I went and got the rest of the big box beams from the seller, then went up to Woodcraft in Santa Rosa to pick up some things for the bathroom vanity, and asked about the price of clear mahogany. There's one more piece that the seller has that we want (and a bunch of smaller stuff that'd be nice to have), but to go back to him with a clean conscience I'm going to have to offer more than he's asking.

We're now thinking mahogany baseboards through at least the living room and hall, and maple framed mahogany faces on the kitchen cabinets. Still need to figure how to cut the raised panel faces that we want, and we may fall back to a quarter round for the rail and stile parts, or we may have to cut them more dramatically as well.

And, in other news, I'd been made an offer on Thursday, on Friday I said "Charlene's still unsure about some things, can you talk to her directly?", on Sunday she went and talked, the deal had been sweetened in the intervening days, and this morning I accepted the offer. Now I need to extricate myself from the day job.

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