2008-01-22 Starting on cabinets

    A few days ago a local commercial woodworker offered up 225 board feet of maple and 64 board feet of birch, 13/16" thick S2S, for relatively cheap. I said "back up the truck".

We were initially thinking maple baseboards, but as we've thought a little bit more about how the kitchen will play out I think the maple, the lower portion of this stack, will end up as cabinet doors and faces. If we can figure out how to mill them into the curved shapes we want.

The birch is immediately destined for a bathroom vanity, I'm trying to figure out if I want to tie some cherry we've got that has similar figuring to that top board into the project. The vanity is an immediate need because it's too close to the tub, and it's extremely difficult to clean in between the tub and the vanity effectively, so I'm going to try to work in some curved sides that give us clearance, using the current sink, but with the expectation of casting a replacement sink out of concrete. And the new vanity will be a bit taller than the old one, too, we don't have kids, don't intend to have kids, and if there are any running around here who can't reach the top of an adult sized vanity we'll build 'em a step stool.

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