2008-01-02 Happy New Year

The house was supposed to close on Friday, then again on Monday the 31st, but Monday morning we got an email saying Wednesday the second, for sure. That's today. This morning we get a call about verification of information that, frankly, should have been done two weeks ago, and is harder to do right now because, for instance, Charlene's employer is the school district, and school is closed this week.

Meanwhile, our time between taking possession and moving in was getting narrower and narrower, so we called the seller's agent and asked if we could get in to bring contractors through for estimates. They said "sure", but because this is a trust/probate sort of sale, we can't move anything in yet. So yesterday we went up there to meet a floor refinisher to look over the place, and I cleaned the "organic materials" (ie: construction scraps from 1947) from the crawl space, as noted on the various pest inspections, while Charlene double-cleaned the kitchen.

We've decided on a flooring contractor, who can start tomorrow. We've got a list of all of the things we need to change on the house. Prioritized.

And, pet peeve of the moment: People who, in this age of voluminous spam about such things, use email subject lines like, in its entirety, "Loan".

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