2007-10-31 The earth moved

Earthquake last night, 5.6 about 10 miles east of San Jose, sixty or seventy miles from here, but we still felt it out here as two long rolling bursts, gentle, but fairly large amplitude. I was out working on the deck, heard the furnace kick on and the deck started vibrating, had time to go through the whole "that's weird, the furnace should be on the ground, and it doesn't shake the house like that, I hope that's not something we're going to have to fix" thought process, then it subsided, Charlene came out and said "was that you?" and it started up again, and we had time to get all the way through a "nope, earthquake", short pause, "wow, big one" conversation and start thinking about where it'd be better to move to if it started to get worse.

Day work is a struggle for me right now, need to get some stupid sysadmin stuff off my plate so I can go do productive work, got a major block on that. Night work has been fun, couldn't get the WinAVR development environment running under Vista (known issue for the older version) so I just fired up Linux, wrote my code, and later got the Windows XP machine running enough to verify that the makefile worked there.

The costume for Charlene's halloween thing at school that I was working on when the earthquake hit was a "Yellow Brick Road", the theme was Wizard of Oz, and when Charlene said "Yellow Brick Road" I got that damned Elton John song running through my head (and some wacky ideas for costumes from that, lemme tell ya), so last night we cranked up the album just to knock those neurons loose, and "Funeral For A Friend" is an awesome tune with which to welcome Halloween.

Getting together with Alec tomorrow evening, there's a story that shouldn't show up on the 'net..., not sure what's happening tonight, I should get some sysadmin stuff done.

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