2007-10-29 General life update

Saturday I spent at Phil's getting Windows installer issues nailed down, and then starting on getting back into AVR development, getting my STK-500 hooked up to my laptop and making sure that that works. In the process of digging out the STK-500 AVR development board I also found my GPS serial cable, so I carried that with me last week and got a dump of the Nicasio Valley Loop to help out some developers at yet another bicycle social networking enter your ride sort of web site who were having some serious troubles getting their altitude stuff correct.

Sunday morning, Charlene and I got on the tandem and rode over to San Anselmo, sat and had a cup of tea, and then rode back. We've been working on spinning, keeping our cadence up and our pressure low, and although that means we've got a slower overall speed, it's doing amazing things for my pedal stroke and Charlene's feeling it a lot less in her knees. So some of the problem may have been that she was just pushing herself too hard, and dropping back and getting a sane set of expectations on physical output will probably do good things for her abilities overall. Both of us got a good workout and had a good time.

Sunday afternoon we went down to a reception for the [www.tourofcalifornia-sausalito.com Tour of California - Sausalito] organizing group, had a fun afternoon networking that I need to send a whole lot of follow-up email to, and maybe we can finally get our HAM licenses on November 10th.

Our monstrously expensive Stearns and Foster mattress that we bought in 2001 is starting to sag, so we're looking around for other mattress options. The decade previous to that I had a full wave waterbed, that ended up on its third bladder, but Charlene didn't get along with that. In poking around I think I'm finding that there are a lot of people unhappy with their more expensive mattresses, we'll have to look around but I'm thinking that this is yet another place where planning for obsolescence is the way to go.


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