2007-10-07 Rides, Cooking and whatnot

Saturday worked on the consulting gig, got Windows shell extensions working on Visual Studio .NET 2005 (why is it that I can type "make" on a 20 year old project, and quite often it'll just build, but Microsoft can't keep a build environment working between two different years?).

Saturday evening Charlene and I went shopping. New comforter, new duvet cover (and there's a rant bubbling in here about how I tell the difference between a $130 duvet cover and a $450 one, trusting brands, and stuff like that), a couple of new coffee grinders. I've been sneaking a few coffees down at the Lagunitas general store in the mornings, mostly because it gives me a morning walk a and a chance to talk with everyone else out for their morning walk. Frankly, however, the coffee isn't that good, and it's money I don't really want to spend. So I got a good burr grinder along with a few rotary cutters for spices, and we got some other toys, including the marinating container for the FoodSaver vacuum packer. Got some tuna steaks in that right now with a ginger tea, lime juice and garlic marinade.

Tomorrow morning I do a basic Guatemalan, medium grind, paper filter, 186°F water. Considering a French press, but also wanting to compare flavors of paper filters versus strainers, and remembering in the back of my head that some of the good health effects of coffee (cholesterol lowering or somesuch) only occur with a paper filter.

Also did a curried quinoa for dinner this evening.

And I rode this morning, Point Reyes Station and back, 33.5 miles, and then this afternoon Charlene and I drove over to Nicasio (just the Lucas Valley Road intersection), took the tandem out to Point Reyes Station, intending to come back through Nicasio but impending darkness and the two hills made us bail and go home through Samuel P. Taylor State Park instead. 22.4 miles.

Further, managed to debug the malfunctioning washer (contractor had turned off a water I didn't know about, but it took dragging the washer out and hooking it up to the hose to figure it out), hung a pot rack, finished cleaning the leaves off the back deck and replaced the boards with stainless square drive screws (learning a little more about the pros and cons of square drive in the process), and got bills done to boot.

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