2007-09-24 Life update

Behold the twitterization of blogging. Lots of short unconnected snippets.

19MPH on the Nicasio Valley loop today. Holy shit. That's .6MPH over my best this year, and 1.3 over my last run. I had a podcast of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me playing in one ear, although that speaker's pretty freakin' worthless over 16MPH or so, so I got to listen to it all over again afterwards, but I think two things happened:

  1. I only had a serious headwind on the south leg along Point Reyes-Petaluma Road.
  2. I'm saving my energy for the climbs, and not trying to push too hard on the flats. Helped a lot on that gentle climb out of Nicasio.

Saturday we went to listen to jazz at Dr Insomnia's in Novato, the singer was supposedly the draw, the piano and bass player were really good. We'd gone up there because Athena had called us and suggested it, and we needed to make a CostCo run anyway. At CostCo got some trimmer jeans, because even though I'm not losing weight I'm now swimming in 32x32s. I think they stretch out a bit after wearing, but I'm now down to 30x32s, which I haven't been in since High School, even in my river guiding days.

On the way back caught 2 Days In Paris. Enjoyed it as a funny character study. Story arc was too full for a film, Julie Delpy tried to catch that up with voice-overs, but we didn't generate the empathy needed to really like the characters and care about the resolution. On the other hand, we laughed, and in thinking about it later I think the language barrier that got riffed on was a good way to expose a lot of the stuff we don't talk about in relationships because we're unwilling to hear the truth. Flutterby write-up here.

Talked a bit more about marriage and expectations and such. Charlene commented that she didn't want marriage or whatever contract to change our relationship, but she felt like it was. I think in that realm the movie was really apropos.

Had digestive system issues yesterday evening. Less said about that the better. When I'm burning more calories than I'm taking in, must avoid snacking on dried apricots. Even if they're very yummy.

Got a bunch of Windows installer stuff figured out for the weekend gig, we're probably going to Beta with that on Wednesday. And day job goes 1.0 this evening!

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