2007-09-20 First rains of the fall

I try to do a morning walk down to the local general store, it's my one chance in the day for human contact, to see the neighbors, those out for their morning runs, stopping for coffee on the way to work, or walking their kids down to the bus.

Yesterday I ran into a whole bunch of people, this morning was empty. Yesterday was a little chilly, with winds, today was downright cold.

We're in the process of wrapping up the product we're calling "one point oh" for the day job, should be out to various customers by tbe end of the week, and there are discussions with various customers about adoption. I'm hoping. I think today's about a few confirmation dialogs, low risk changes with immediate user experience impact.

In the evenings I've been diddling with some other code, last night was reading more about the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System and making notes for the things I'm going to implement in that this coming weekend.

Charlene and I got our prenups worked through and notarized, ended up being roughly 12 pages, and that's with the stuff that isn't legally enforceable removed into another document. A really good experience in talking through what our expectations of our relationship are, I highly recommend the process to anyone considering marriage. We've got the paperwork in order, Alec signed up to do the wedding the evening before Thanksgiving, probably gonna drag Owen and Sebastien in to witness it. We're set up to take the tandem down to the foothills near Sequoia National Park over Thanksgiving.

Addendum: The construction folks at the neighbors are trying to get a pickup truck up their driveway, accompanied by lots of squealing and large clouds of blue tire smoke, with a whole bunch of people hanging on the back of the truck trying to get the rear wheels weighted.

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