2007-09-09 Of Diana and Chocolate

Just spent 4 hours cleaning out Diana's JKV Hermes chocolate tempering machine. Never did get it to go all the way down to 27°C, I don't know if the room was too warm or I should have turned the heating element completely off and baby sat it or what, but it meant that I pulled the probably 40 lbs of chocolate out of it untempered. Damn.

I've got no spare time right now, but I was thinking it'd probably be cool to make a couple hundred truffles for Diana's memorial service. Charlene doesn't want the temptation of truffle making, but maybe I can rope Sarada into it.

Not quite sure what all else I wanted to say here, but I think this effort needed an entry.

Oh yeah, walked 13 miles on the hike this morning, some pretty hefty climbing, and I did so with an extra two and a half gallons (at least starting) in my pack just to make it fair.

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