2007-09-03 Mawidge Work Life

Realized, in talking with Chris this weekend, that there's a lot of my early relationship with Charlene that's been lost, or at least viewed through the reinterpretation of the intervening years. One of the ways in which both Charlene and I described the hell that was our first two years together was about pushing boundaries to see where the relationship broke down. In one or two cases, finding that place.

This was nicely countered by spending the majority of Saturday working on a prenup, working from our basic background reading a heck of a lot about the legal status of marriages in various states, and going through the Nolo Press book on prenuptial agreements. Wow, was that a wonderfully enlightening experience, both in viewing the different ways that marriage treats property and relationships, and in viewing the specifics of how we each view our own relationship, making specific decisions for different types of income, different types of debt, how all of those various things fall under community versus individual property.

We highly recommend that every couple go through and pick each of the paragraphs of the sample prenup on what they think marriage means. Fascinating.

Work is frustrating, but I'm not going to talk about all of that publicly.

Hanging out with Chris this weekend we ended up talking with a guy who's a VC down on the peninsula, and I did a quick recap of my reasons for turning down a recently offered job that was completely out of my current field. In that, and in reading Cradle to Cradle, which I need to make some reading notes on, I realized that the primary job, writing animation software, isn't feeding my soul. The occasional consulting gig with the folks who want to bring me on mostly full-time might get closer. Really, I want to be building things that have a little more consequence than making movies, to a large extent because movies and games, the two main outlets for the sorts of computer animation I've played with over the years, have mostly fallen off of my radar.

As for life, the only things there are that I've been feeling under the weather for the past week, and I'm just getting over that, and that because of my feeling like crap my last ride around Nicasio Reservoir last Thursday was at 16.5MPH or thereabouts.

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