2007-06-06 Birthday Greetings

Yay! I've fixed the performance issue with Flutterby.net, so now I can post here again.

This last weekend I went out to Whitehouse, Ohio to visit my sister Sara. Sara and her husband Matt have a horse farm complete with an indoor riding arena that backs up on to the Oak Openings Preserve Metropark, and the family converged on their house to get together, now that we've been scattered to the far reaches of the country.

It was a good visit, my other sister, Celia, brought my nephew William (whom I built the Rocking Horse for), so there was a lot of fawning over the little one, I got back on my skates for the first time in years when Sara, my mom and I went out and zipped along the Wabash Cannonball Trail, and even though my dad and I didn't blow anything up, good visiting was had.

And although it was really nice to fly into the little Toledo Express Airport, I find myself once again preferring Southwest or some of the other "budget" airlines to American Airlines, where schedules are, at best, a suggestion, and the seats are... well... I'm glad I only do a red-eye rarely.

Yesterday, as I struggled through a bit of jet lag and sleep deprivation, I accidentally blew away the last month's worth of activity on work's bug database. That was bad, so today is about retrieving that and making sure that the backups are working.

And today is my birthday.

Hopefully sometime later I'll have the energy to actually post something other than dull personal list.

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