2007-02-01 Of Woodworking And Airplanes

Aside from building jigs I have indeed been doing some woodworking, it's just that most of it has been reworking furniture we've already got, fixing drawers, re-joining a split top on a chest, things that don't really lend themselves to pictures or bragging. In the process of taking things apart and getting up close to them, I've had my opinions of several of our pieces of furniture re-evaluated, some up, some down. Who the f#$%^&*k uses nails on visible surfaces in oak furniture?

And while Charlene is using the dust collector to sand down a table (anyone know if bleach can be used to lighten a dark stain that's deep in some pores?) I've been back to finishing up a model airplane that's been languishing for a while. When I was a kid, having learned to fly control line, I pestered my dad unmercifully for a radio control airplane, which we got, and crashed several times without ever getting off the ground, and the cycle has been repeated at least once more, but I never learned to fly one. Years ago I bought yet another kit (a Carl Goldberg Gentle Lady and am finally getting around to building it. I've got the tail sections built but not covered, and the inner wing panels mostly built, and it'll be a few more nights.

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