2007-01-29 Life update

Just a few notes:

Woodworking continues apace

  • Re-joined the top for and rebuilt (except for finishing) a drawer in a chest we've got.
  • Looked at fixing the china cabinet, had my impression of both pieces of furniture very downgraded.
  • On the basis of those two projects, realized that even for stuff we get for free we're not always being picky enough about furniture quality.
  • Got most of a generic rectangle jig built yesterday, as a result of which we may be breaking down and buying a Festool "MFS".
  • Cut the crap out of my right thumb yesterday afternoon working on said jig.
  • Charlene has started sanding down "the Teddy table" (named after a great aunt of mine) for re-finishing.

Life continues apace

  • First bike ride in quite a while, down to Muir Woods to hike with the Sunday morning crowd.
  • Charlene's step sister is in a bad way, possibly due to complications from Mediterranean Fever.
  • Participating in a biofeedback study, a result of some interesting results that were not at all what anyone expected when I was hooked up to a set of EEG sensors. More on that as I understand it, but the person who hooked me up to all those sensors said "Wow, that's an interesting result, I need to use you in my PhD thesis study".

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