2006-11-15 General Update

  "God Rays" as the sun peeks over the hill and illuminates the morning low fog or coastal clouds, in [[Lagunitas.]] Work has funding, enough to stem the flow of savings and give us faith that other people believe in our vision. This is good. The last few weeks have been hard for me to focus, to stay on task (rather than, say, set up personal wikis), and I'm feeling a lot better about that.

We may or may not get an office, we're still trying to figure out if the benefits of having a central place to meet and try to help interpersonal communication (especially as we attempt to bring new people up to speed) outweigh the costs of rent and a commute. Which means that Charlene and I may end up moving somewhere closer to the ferry. Don't like the process of moving, but there are various things that'd make that a reasonable choice. And, in browsing through rentals, we were actually shocked that prices aren't as bad as we'd thought they'd gotten as the ownership market has softened.

In the "getting things off our list" department: Charlene and I have done up the paperwork for advance directives, and need to get copies of those mailed off to our backup trustees.

Either going to hit Michael Klapholz or Zack's play tonight, if we do the former we hit the play tomorrow.

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