2006-11-11 Mount Vision Ride

2006-11-11 Mount Vision bike ride

distance:=65 miles, average speed:=14.7 MPH. Summit of Mount Vision is coordinates:=38.0520° N, 122.5223° W at a height of height:=1282 feet.

Carsten had emailed a week ago saying that he wasn't going to be in town for the ride he was scheduled to lead. I volunteered to take it over.

Met Sean, a non-member, and Wayne at the Fairfax Post Office, rolled out at 9:00. Held a decent pace out through Nicasio, on the descent by the Nicasio Reservoir Dam, Sean had a flat, Wayne and I were out in front, so I ended up riding back up the hill.

Out through Point Reyes Station and around Tomales Bay for a stop at Busy Bee Bakery, where I had a tasty nut berry croissant pastry which Sean bought me as payback for the spare tube I was carrying for him, then up Mount Vision.

Wayne was running a little slower than me, although I was lagging back a bit to keep him in sight. His bike made a weird noise, I called back "everything okay?", he said "keep on going!", so when I caught up with Sean at the top of the hill we turned back down and ran into Wayne, who'd sheared the largest two sprockets off his rear cluster and decided that continuing past a gentle downhill was a bad idea, given that he couldn't shift all the way down.

Wayne stopped off at Busy Bee to wait for his wife to come get him, and Sean and I continued back. I was lagging a bit, scarfed some Hammer Gel and picked up a little, but two lessons: I should have refilled my water bottles at Busy Bee and drunk more, and I should have consumed more incremental sugar (two Hammer Gel packets= in one water bottle, and another on the way back), and new cyclists (ie: Sean and I) don't hold pacelines nearly as well as old experienced cyclists.

However, all-in-all a good ride.

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